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Marwina Hospital staff angry and heated; no salary received

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The staff of the Marwina Regional Hospital has barricaded the East-West connection with ambulances and other vehicles. The staff members are heated and angry because it is October 11 and they have not received a salary for the month of September so far.

Imro Edam, chairman of the union at the Marwina Regional Hospital, does not approve of the hospital’s resources being used to barricade the road. However, he understands the state of mind of the more than 40 employees. Edam told the news press that it is not the first time that people receive their salary late.

Edam is in contact with Marwina Hospital staff, who have barricaded the road. He explains that they have work very hard each month for their money and can’t received it. He felt aggrieved that they can not access it in time. In fact, as chairman, he is tired of raising this issue with the authorities of the Ministry of Health, especially the minister and the director.

He finds it sad that one has to use material from the hospital to barricade a road. At the same time, he can show understanding for people’s state of mind. People already live in a difficult time where they have to make do with a small salary and even then they can’t get it on time.

The Regional Hospital Marwina is dependent on government subsidies. According to the trade unionist, the operational implementation of the hospital cannot be expressed. He believes that the ministry does not have the people’s interests at heart and does not take its responsibility. Edam emphasized that Healthcare in Suriname is at its worst. He notes that the other hospitals are just barely able to keep their heads above water because they still have an income. However, that is not the case at the Marwina Regional Hospital.

Edam regrets that the staff first have to revolt before they are paid. While it is only SRD 300,000 on a monthly basis for the payment of the salaries. He advocates a sustainable solution. Because of these problems in care, nurses are moving away. He notices it on a daily basis and can’t blame people if they look for a better life elsewhere.










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