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Marowijne farmers trained on coconut cultivation

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Sixty farmers from Marowijne have followed a training course about the possibilities that coconut offers. Cyraon Asoiti, chairman of the Cooperative Platform Agrarische Ontwikkeling Marowijne said that coconut is currently very popular in the world. It has been agreed with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), East Region, to offer farmers training opportunities to be self-reliant.

More than twenty organizations are affiliated with the Platform.  Asoiti told the news press that Initially, Marowijne was not on the list of coconut training courses. After contact with LVV, was made it was possible to hold the one-day training.  The meeting room of the district comissioner’s office has been made available for this purpose.

Asoiti notes that “cooperation is important because only in this way will the intended goals be achieved. It is more than ever necessary that the agricultural farmers of Marowijne take structural action to be self-reliant”.

The Platform plans to set up testing grounds together with LVV and Regional Development & Sport.  The farmers will also be trained in plant propagation of coconut and other crops.  In addition to training, the farmers also demanded that attention should be given to the infrastructure.

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