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Mandatory civil servant registration started on October 1

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Nasier Eskak, director of the Ministry of Interior (Biza),was the first to register by the compulsory country civil servant registration which is official. All civil servants are required to register. If not, their wages will be stopped. This Mandatory civil servants registration is part of the Santokhi government’s Public Sector Reform program that was launched with great fanfare on Saturday.

Civil servants who want to retire early and voluntarily from government service can register within the program. Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior says that October 1 was specially chosen for the starting signal. The day falls on a Saturday and officials have been shown not to be lazy.

Somohardjo addressed the officials and is convinced that the PSR program will succeed, he has called on officials who really want a new challenge in their lives to take advantage of the stimulus packages offered by the government. Because the opportunity may never come again. yu no register yo skeer. ( If you do not register you will not have any money. )

According to Biza director Eskak, the mandatory country servant registration is only part of the PSR process, but it’s very crucial part. Eskak pointed out that as long it is clear as to how big the problem is, it can be tackled very effectively and efficiently. He also said that the first step has been taken to make government a better one.






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