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Major Ebeciljodi takes over at marine

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Major Johny Ebeciljodi is the new commander of the Navy in Suriname. He takes over from Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Blokland, who is on leave following his retirement. The command transfer took place on Friday 2 September at the Naval Base in Boxel.

The new commander, Major Ebeciljodi, was also chosen on the basis of his competence and experience in the Navy. Minister Krishna Malhotra said that he is confident that Major Ebeciljodi will lead the Navy in a dignified, effective and efficient way into a new era where there are many challenges for Suriname.

The acting commander of the National Army, Lieutenant Colonel Werner Kioe A Sen, has given the new commander the task of preparing the Navy for the developments that will take place. The army commander said that between now and 2025, there are a number of increased activities in maritime domain. And after 2025, it will be a different Suriname in which to deal with .

Commander Blokland was appointed as top man in the Navy in May last year. Of his 35 years of service, he gave his powers to the Navy for 26 years. Mathoera and Kioe A Sen thanked him for tangible results he has achieved in the past period. Despite a lack of seafaring equipment, the Navy under his leadership has been able to make an important contribution to guaranteeing safety both nationally and regionally. For example, bridges have been built with other partners in the maritime domain, such as LVV, the Coast Guard and international partners.

According to the minister, the enthusiasm, involvement, expertise and knowledge of the Navy was decisive in appointing Superior Blokland to this position last year. The minister said further that since the time he’s been in charge of the Navy, he’s proven to be the right choice. He has demonstrated that he could participate firmly in the discussions in the Defense Council meetings and that he also stood up for his staff. He didn’t only discussed problems, but also looked at possible solutions. He also kept asking about how the Navy could be deploy. He has also been an inspiration to others.Therefore they are very grateful to him for his service.

The photo of Commander Blokland now also hangs in the Gallery of Commanders of the Navy. During his leave, he remains at the disposal of the minister to deploy his expertise.






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