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Maintaining urban planning

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Students were caught using alcohol and drugs

Students who used drugs and drink were caught. They played risk-taking games as well. Reginald Nibte and Rudi Tevreden, the neighborhood administrators of Uitvlugt, were informed that there was a conc...

The police are committed to upholding order in the city’s core. Orlando Jacott, the regional commander of Paramaribo, according to police spokesman Milton Bisschop, has provided his staff with clear instructions.

The city center will be cleaned out, and disrupters, drug dealers, and unlawful street vendors will face harsh punishment. Yesterday, the unlicensed street vendors at the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat and Saramacca were removed.

They were repeatedly advised not to do it, but they did not listen. The sidewalks are blocked off as a result of the illegal sale, forcing people to cross the street in the middle. This might make you feel uneasy. The police will immediately start seizing items.


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