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“Luckily no diseases outbreak in Nickerie,” said Ramadhin

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Amar Ramadhin, the minister of health, stated that despite the seriousness of the rat infestation problem in Nickerie, the environment is still safe. According to the minister, there hasn’t been a Weil’s disease outbreak. He claims that the ministry has plans in place to handle any outbreak.

Only two suspected cases, according to the minister, have been noted thus far. The health of the Nickerian populace is not now directly affected, but Ramadhin noted that the threat to their health still exists.

Rats are in and around the rice fields this year, according to research, the ministry claims. As there are no people present in these regions, they are therefore not a direct threat. According to Ramadhin, the rats relocated to unsanitary locations last year.

So it was about places where people were, in his opinion. The minister claims that even while the animals are in places where there are now no people, they can nevertheless be dangerous to farmers who are not always dressed appropriately in the fields. They believe that wearing a footwear there is not always possible, the minister claims.




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