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Linscheer: Reactions of panic upon the discovery of “Bordo”

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There is no connection between the capture of Jol “Bordo” Martinus and the removal of ABOP or the harassment of those near Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk. It is also untrue that the VP is being chased by the president’s security team. Melvin Linscheer, the president’s security advisor, makes these comments during a media interview. Since it became known that Bordo is sought after by the police and the judiciary, all the hubbub has begun. From that point on, the panic attacks began. No interference has been made in active criminal cases, according to a statement from President Chan Santokhi. Nothing involving the VP is being done by his intelligence services.

The claim that the Public Prosecution Service and its operational arm, the Judicial Intervention Team (JIT), are being used as political pawns to get rid of ABOP is unwarranted in Linscheer’s opinion. “It is not true at all that JIT reports to the president. JIT is a division under the attorney general’s immediate control. Instead of JIT, the Suriname Police Force’s Cold Case division is looking into Bordo’s case.

There’s no need to create hypothetical situations that would annoy the vice president. He’s been told this numerous times as well. A panic response has emerged following the discovery of Bordo, claims Linscheer. He views it as a severe issue that such utterances unfairly cast doubt on the Public Prosecution Service’s integrity. No person’s political affiliation, criminal actions should be dealt with regardless of who committed them. The playing of ethnic strings is abhorrent. On social media, a lot of fuss is made to spread misunderstanding.

In addition, the services won’t give in to direct or indirect threats from anyone and will carry out their duties in accordance with laws and regulations without regard to people. We won’t be intimidated, Linscheer declares with assurance. Additionally, the Public Prosecution Service noted in a statement that investigations are carried out impartially and objectively.

When the VP is informed by his intelligence service that he is being followed by security personnel from the President’s Office, he is ill-informed. Linscheer responds, “That is not true in the least.” The vice president shouldn’t be followed. After the meeting, Linscheer hopes that the president and vice president will reconsider their remarks, since the rule of law requires that institutions operate freely from intimidation and interference.










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