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Linscheer is awaiting the President’s orders

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Melvin Linscheer, the president’s security adviser, has no intention of making a significant response to remarks made by Ronnie Brunswijk, head of the ABOP and vice president, during a Perjajah Luhur party meeting on Saturday. Linscheer answers to the media by saying that he is waiting for orders from the president notwithstanding the vice president’s request to the latter.

The president must remove Linscheer, according to Brunswijk, or else it will be “choose or share.” Brunswijk asserts that Linscheer is no longer supported, and PL chairman Paul Somohardjo concurs. Brunswijk questions, “What is Linscheer doing in the government? The NDP has been expelled.” He too needs to return home. Which option the president chooses is up to him.

The second man in the nation thinks that the president’s intelligence agency and the Judicial Intervention Team are keeping an eye on him. He doesn’t believe that’s conceivable. Respect must be shown for the nation’s vice president. He emphasized multiple times that the name of this administration, “Santokhi/Brunswijk,” is not accidental. According to the president, this topic has received enough recent discussion. Additionally, it has been made clear that the president’s intelligence and security services are not keeping tabs on Brunswijk.



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