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Lim A Po: Hybrid electoral systems are becoming more commonplace around the world

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De Confederatie van Organisaties van Landsdienaren (COL) heeft een eis van 50% loonsverhoging bij de regering neergelegd. Daarnaast verlangt de organisatie de incorporatie van de koopkrachtversterking...

The Study Committee on Adjustment of the Electoral System’s Hans Lim A Po provided an explanation of the precise steps that should be taken in order to change the election system. The most significant discovery is that we must switch to a system that generates outcomes that accurately reflect social relationships. And the system that serves this objective the best also takes into account the poor, who are numerous and present. A mechanism that produces results with equal weight for each vote, Lim A Po said.

It is a blended system that is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It is a highly strong system that needs to be supported by the appropriate factors. If the nation backs that, we will have a system that is strong from the standpoint of democracy and the ruleì of law. Equal treatment of all situations is not the primary requirement for equality; also, disparate cases and pertinent differences must be taken into account.

“When it comes to suffrage and policy, you cannot paint everyone with the same brush. We will have to put in a lot of effort to complete it if we consider what has been accomplished in the past six months and how far the conversation has come in society. Once the system has been designed, it must be operationalized, and many issues may arise there. A system must be created that is technically sound and that the final result is just. I believe I have created a plan that, in my opinion, sets a solid basis, and the politicians will now begin to operationalize it.”




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