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Legislation is lacking for a number of environmental issues

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Ritesh Sardjoe, the director of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and the Environment’s (ROM) Environment Directorate, said the ministry is trying to further modify Suriname’s environmental policy. If we examine what Suriname lacks, it is because of laws pertaining to numerous environmental problems. People are working on the climate change agenda, and in that context, countries should implement CO2-reducing measures. However, in particular, as a small country with a low-lying shore, it is crucial to make the country robust.

The ecosystem of the mangroves is being rebuilt. We will have greater coastline defense as a result. This lessens erosion as well. Mangroves may store twice as much CO2 (oxygen), according to research, thus it’s critical that these kinds of programs are effective. According to Sardjoe, this is why the ministry promotes these kinds of programs.



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