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Legal Team set up for IS4H to ensure privacy of health data

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To ensure the protection of patient information, a Legal Team has been set up within the Ministry of Health for IS4H (Information Systems for Health). In order to enhance public health, IS4H manages interoperable systems with open data that is obtained from a variety of sources and used responsibly through efficient information and communication technology tools.

Through this team, the department management has chosen to create a law governing the privacy of health information. To ensure progress on this crucial issue, the team will submit a report to the minister of health every month.

The Legal Team is led by Minouche Bromet, with Muriel Poepon, Maitrie Chotoe, Felicia File, and Ingrid Jardim serving as members. Together, they will look into the legal issues relating to the privacy of health information and take the necessary steps to ensure its confidentiality.




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