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Leader of the VIDS: “Do they really want to starve us?”

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The instances involving Pikin Saron are not unique. “Greed for natural resources is driving indigenous people from their homes in Surinam, where they are shot and driven from their homes. Working on the collective rights of indigenous and tribal peoples has been a priority for many years. The communities of Pikin Saron and Bigi Poika are reportedly being monitored by drones. Additionally, police seized shotguns from residents. Without consulting the local government, this is done. Do they also intend to starve us now? These are some of the things that the Association of Indigenous Village Chiefs of Suriname (VIDS) said at a press conference they held in response to the Pikin Saron problem.

People don’t realize that they genuinely want the draft law on the collective rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples passed. It is necessary to deal with the law as filed for June 2021. Not the version with changes or changes that were rejected. Parliament has already received a position on this.

Regarding the investigation in the village of Pikin Saron, no firm response has yet been received. An emergency conference was organized in response to the situation that took place on May 2 at Pikin Saron, and agreements were made that were not followed through on. Pierre Kondre is conducting business as usual, according to village commander Lloyd Read. Police officers are present in the village constantly, and people keep taking photos. “Half of the people in the city don’t know what’s happening to us there.”




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