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Land Management and Forestry Advice & Guidance Hotline

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This reporting point can be used by people who, among other things, are confronted with illegally issued land. People can also go here for information about expired leaseholds and land rents and what should be done in such situations. The administration has declared that every Surinamese has a right to a piece of land ever since it took power. The administration has actively worked to address the backlog of applications and has released statements indicating that plots are ready. But it is now clear that there are abnormalities going on, which also need to be addressed.

Citizens may file a complaint with this reporting point if they have been the victims of irregularities. The stated matters will be handled by attorneys connected to this reporting center. You can also get advice on what to do if, among other things, ground leases and land rents expire, as well as other issues relating to land.

The foundation of the Hotline GBB, according to President Santokhi, will give the community a resource to turn to with any issues relating to land. Every Surinamese has a right to a piece of land that they must be allowed to utilize without any problems, according to President Santokhi, therefore this hotline must address disruptions as well as inform and assist individuals with their land problems.





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