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Land conversion and the problem of land rights are unrelated

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Asiskumar Gajadien, the group leader of the VHP, explains to the media why there was not a quorum present in the National Assembly (DNA) for the consideration of the land rights issue. Gajadien also claims he was absent because he was traveling. “No quorum was granted since there was a need for mutual consultation and uncertainty. A mutual commitment was then made. There is no debate about refusing to recognize a quorum. There were ambiguities that needed to be clarified and agreements that needed to be established.

After the committee of rapporteurs’ first round, some issues were brought forward that require clarification in order to proceed. “The Land Conversion Act and the land rights issue should not be linked,” asserts Gajadien. It was mentioned in this regard that land conversion is a result of the recovery program’s inclusion of a variety of revenue-enhancing initiatives that included income for the state to operate the recovery program. “The coalition had a few ambiguities, but they have now been thoroughly discussed.”




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