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Kuldipsingh brings joy to the families of 4 children’s homes

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Four different children’s homes’  enjoyed a fun day at Chuck E. Cheese. The business contributes to society through this endeavor. On Saturday, 120 kids from the orphanages Elim van de Heer, Nos Kasita, Johanna, and Hadassah were spoilt. St. Rasksha Cataleya requested the Kuldipsingh Group to provide this group of kids with a fun day. This is in anticipation of Christmas and Children’s Day earlier this month.

According to marketing manager Jerry Sadiek, the complete blackout of the Energy Companies Suriname on Saturday seemed to throw a wrench in the works. Chuck E. Cheese and St. Cataleya have been consulted, and it has been decided to carry on as usual. We didn’t want to deprive the kids of this day because it was meant to be special.

There was power because Chuck E. Cheese had started the generator. To bathe the kids, the homes for the kids have filled their tubs with water. Despite the disruption caused by the power outage, the students enthusiastically cooperated and were even prepared to board the buses earlier than scheduled, chuckles Sadiek.

As soon as the kids and the adults entered, they were able to use the playground equipment and take part in the Chuck E. Cheese show. When it was time for lunch, it was difficult to gather the children because they were having so much fun, but the team eventually succeeded.

The kids were allowed to play once more after lunch. Due to the fact that the majority of the cards had not yet been played, the game was extended by 30 minutes. The Kuldipsingh youngsters also received a gift bag filled with merchandise from the company as a final touch. “We are happy to say that, together with the team, we were able to provide the kids a day they will never forget.”







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