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Kroll’s proposal for fighting money laundering

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The government has received a document with recommendations for action regarding combating money laundering from the independent research and risk consultancy Kroll Inc. The risk consulting firm delivered their proposal document to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and Ministers of Finance and Planning Stanley Raghoebarsing and Justice and Police Kenneth Amoksi at the President’s Office on June 12, 2023. Additionally present were representatives from the National Anti-Money Laundering Commission (NAMLAC) and the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML-PIU).

The AML-PIU suggested Kroll’s input after consulting PIU coordinator Roy Baidjnath Panday. Kroll is a global organization that supports nations in establishing good governance and dismantling institutions. “We have more than simply macroeconomic issues to address. It’s crucial to restore our nation’s good name in financial governance, according to Minister Raghoebarsing. The proposal document outlines the steps that must be taken to lower the possibility of being placed on a blacklist, increase access to foreign banks, and ensure that Surinamese institutions are respected overseas. The minister claims that this is possible by putting the required regulations in place, adhering to them, and keeping an eye on the national hazards using the National Risk Assessment (NRA).

According to the minister, it is important to identify the risks so that no money laundering occurs and that the state receives its rightful share of funds. “It is important that the money does not find its way to criminal organizations, endangering national and international security,” said Minister Raghoebarsing. According to him, financial crime is one of the important topics discussed at conferences in the Caribbean. “The World Bank has developed a method to identify national risks. We want the NRA to be of the highest standard, and that is the World Bank’s standard,” added the finance minister.

Kroll’s proposals will be reviewed and discussed. “It is not the intention to always be dependent on international consultants, but that we will then be able to map out our risks ourselves and make Suriname one of the nations where it is good to do business,” says Minister Raghoebarsing.






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