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KPS receives a portion of fines collected

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This month, the Suriname Police Force (KPS) received a portion of the fines that had been collected from the Public Prosecution Service (OM). This sum equates to 20% of the monthly revenue received from the financial sentences. According to Acting Attorney General Garcia Paragsingh, this reinstates a rule that was previously in place.

For unclear reasons, the transfer to the KPS was discontinued a few years ago. The Ministry of Justice and Police (Juspol) received a direct transfer of 60% of the funding. Juspol currently receives 40% of the revenue following the scheme’s revival. The Public Prosecution Service, the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and the KPS for operational affairs each receive an equal share of the remaining sixty percent of the fines that were collected.

According to Paragsingh, the fines are made up of money collected through penalties such as those for traffic offenses and violations, economic offenses, labor infractions, and Article 100 outside of procedural criminal processes. These are put into the Public Prosecution Service’s deposit account.

The Public Prosecution Service not only repurposes seized property but also uses the fines that have been collected. After receiving permission from the Court of Justice, this is done.





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