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KPS consults with leaders of the movement

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Voorbereidingsbijeenkomst ivm Agrarische beurs

Belanghebbenden uit de Agrarische Sector zijn op 22 maart jongstleden door het ministerie van Landbouw, Veeteelt en Visserij (LVV) uitgenodigd voor een voorbereidings bijeenkomst met betrekking tot de...

According to the Suriname Police Force (KPS), it supports the right to hold peaceful protests but would take action if there is “provocative or inflammatory behavior.” According to the group, the police spoke with a number of protest leaders on Sunday. With them, a lot of agreements about safety, peace, and public order have been struck. According to the demonstration organizers, everything will happen according to plan.

Protest actions against the government policy have been announced by a number of organizations, activists, and unions. Stephano “Pakkitow” Biervliet has planned an action for February 17 that he claims would be a big deal. A group led by Siebrano Pique is already engaged in street protests in the meanwhile.

With the action leaders, agreements have been struck to ensure a smooth route. In a statement to public relations, the police stated, “The police have made it clear that action will be taken against individuals who behave in a provocative or inflammatory manner and who interfere in any way with law enforcement officers in the exercise of their constitutional duties and powers.” The freedom to protest in a peaceful manner is always respected.




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