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Koendjbiharie arrested in Finance fraud case

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Robert Koendjbiharie (40), alias Blaka ‘ has embezzling SRD 59.3 million which disadvantage the State and was on the wanted list for a fraud case. According to the news press he was arrested in an apartment complex in Leonsberg. He had previously emigrated to French Guiana but returned to Suriname.

Former minister Armand Achaibersing has announced that the SRD 59.3 million has already been recovered. Blaka is suspected of being guilty of many accounts criminal organisation, fraud, forgery, money laundring, embezzlement and complicity as described in the Surinamese Criminal Code. SRD 40.9 million has been deposited into his account.

Danielle Kom, Head of Accounts Finance & Planning, her younger sister and brother Megeza and Mervelino, Yoran Rother and Sergio Cruden have been taken into custody. Mosa Rother, also one of the people who plays a leading role, is still a fugitive..




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