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Koedemoese: “Working hastily does not produce a nice legal product”

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Op het Ewald P. Meyer Lyceum heeft minister Steven Mac Andrew van Arbeid Werkgelegenheid & Jeugdzaken (AWJ) op donderdag 1 juni 2023 het startschot gegeven voor de eerste landelijke online-verkiez...

Ramon Koedemoesoe van Para, a legislator for the Abop, tells the media that he is worried about the recent developments in the district. Speaking is not a good idea. The purpose of the draft law, which addresses the problem of land rights, is to ensure that native and tribal populations have the right to a better living environment. People must realize that this is only an estimate and that many issues still need to be resolved. To proceed, we must first have a foundation, he asserts.

Koedemoesoe claims that while the boundary is specified, the draft law does not specify which portion of land belongs to the people. The fundamentals are set up so that society can have a small amount of tranquility. The legislator asserts that citizens must exercise patience when dealing with the government. Land rights are only now being addressed after years. Hurried work will not provide a good law output.

The DNA discussed the Collective Land Rights Act for Indigenous and Tribal Peoples yesterday. The summit was attended by a sizable contingent of indigenous representatives.




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