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KLM momentarily stops shipping freight, which worries business owners

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Businesspeople are upset that KLM decided to temporarily stop transporting cargo from Paramaribo to the Netherlands on February 1. The explanation includes, among other things, a significant decrease in the allocated cargo and postal shipment capacity on KLM flights between Paramaribo and Amsterdam. Due to this, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo has made the decision to impose an embargo starting on February 1, 2023, and lasting until further notice. Due to the severe fall in turnover, this will result in significant losses. KLM and SLM each operate two flights each week. It won’t be possible to convey a lot of cargo anymore.

Vijay Chotkan, director of NV Luchthaven Management, is perplexed by the airline’s choice. When questioned by the media, Chotkan responded, “No limits have been imposed, and we have not been aware of such a move. On December 7th, he met with KLM along with experts. It was brought up that the B777-Aircraft 300ER’s Classification Number (ACN) and the airport’s apron’s Pavement Classification Number (PCN) do not match. In comparison to the PCN 48, the Boeing 777-300ER has a greater ACN value (tt). According to Chotkan, this indicates that the B777-300ER packs the apron higher than is allowed.

The fact that solutions will be explored was highlighted during the maintenance is stressed. A third party will conduct a new evaluation of the platform’s PCN worth, according to NV Luchthavenbeheer (Airport management). The next measures will be discussed with KLM management following the re-evaluation. The analysis’s findings are anticipated the following week. In order to enable the implementation of structural adjustments, the expert’s analysis report will be made available soon. KLM needs to know what kind of aircraft to utilize to travel to Paramaribo due to the PCN number of 48 being published.

Chotkan contends that KLM is not subject to any limitations. Because the B777-300ER is substantially heavier than the aircraft with which KLM formerly maintained this route, the two locations where KLM taxis exhibit some cracks. A number of precautions have already been taken in advance of the structural fixes, and the platform is now regularly inspected and cleaned. A foreign hardening chemical has been imported to patch up the platform’s fissures. Regarding the unilateral decision to put an embargo on freight carriers, NV Luchthavenbeheer will query KLM. The general manager observes that the numerous stories spread by KLM are inaccurate and seriously harm KLM’s reputation.

Entrepreneurs contend in the media that it is impossible to convey cargo such as commercial vegetables, fruit, fish, hundreds of private packages, and other goods sent from Suriname. Companies may only reserve their goods with SLM, which flies to the Netherlands twice a week, as KLM has imposed an embargo. SLM is unable to handle the volume of cargo coming from Suriname. Tons of cargo will not be able to be transported, with all its consequences.








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