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Kersten will provide oil and gas job training

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According to Gordon Voigt, Senior Development Manager at Kersten Group of Companies, the business is establishing a training facility where workers will receive safety instruction on how to operate on the offshore base. The advancements involving the Surinamese oil and gas industry provide the basis for all of this. The training academy is one of the efforts identified to be put up as part of Kersten’s preparation for the oil and gas business during the past few years.

September begin.

People demonstrated their progress with the academy during the pre-opening. We’ll offer the mandatory and essential safety training you need to work overseas. “We can probably provide that from September this year. The training courses will teach people to be allowed to work on such a platform. In the growth of the academy, various technical training courses have also been identified that will also be rolled out, but more clarity will be given in the near future. If you look at what the Surinamese companies are doing, it is something to be proud of. “Compared to the region, we are certainly not inferior,” says Voigt.

Waste processing also comes

There is a healthy tension to motivate each other. “Kersten has always been involved in sectors that add value to the country and that is why we cannot miss this boat. An important driver is always the community, according to Voigt. “That is why education was chosen as one of the first projects and the second is Kersten Environmental Services, which is a company that will focus on the environmentally friendly processing of offshore waste”. This is the second project that the Kersten group now has in the pipeline.





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