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Kanhai was certain of Bouterse innocence

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Op basis van grondwettelijke bevoegdheid zijn leden en plaatsvervangende leden van het Centraal Hoofdstembureau (CHS) en het Onafhankelijk Kiesbureau (OKB) beëdigd op het presidentieel paleis, door pr...

Irvin Kanhai, the attorney, is certain that the criminal trial scheduled for December 8 will result in an acquittal from the Court of Justice. Later in the day, a hearing will be held to hear the cases of his clients Desi Bouterse, Stephanus Dendoe, Iwan Dijksteel, Ernst Gefferie, and Benny Brondenstein. Kanhai will respond to the arguments made by the Public Prosecution Service. Bouterse and the co-defendants will then have the final say.

The suspects have filed an appeal against the Court Martial’s judgment of “20 years in prison.” According to Kanhai, the Public Prosecution Service must demonstrate premeditation. It is quite challenging to demonstrate that. I have a verdict from Judge Anand Charan who is also part of the chamber in which he indicates in a case that there is manslaughter and not murder. Now it is about evidence of murder.” .

The relatives and their counsel Hugo Essed, on the other hand, are firmly convinced that hard evidence has been provided premeditation. The plans are prepared calmly and calmly. There are also many testimonials and proofs. “I have demanded an acquittal and I maintain that my clients are innocent,” said Kanhai. He indicated at the hearing that it was never the intention to kill the prisoners.

Kanhai expects that the judges will take the time to study the documents after this hearing. The recess will start on August 15. The new session year starts in October. A ruling in this case is expected in the last quarter of this year.





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