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Kabalebo entrepreneurs may also benefit from NOFA

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The National Development Fund for Agriculture must also be accessible to businesspeople from the Kabalebo resort (NOFA). At the district commissariat on Saturday, Clarence Tokromo, a representative of Trustbank Amanah, which oversees the Fund, described how local farmers can be eligible for the low-interest loan so they can produce. The present initiatives have been discussed with the farmers by Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), who also told them that new projects can be created with NOFA’s assistance.

A group of local business owners may now simply open a bank account thanks to Tokromo. A representative of the bank will be stationed in Kabalebo to assist the locals in creating and submitting production plans. They will also become acquainted with issues relating to banking. The minister and the bank official underscored that anybody in the country should have access to the 5.5% interest-bearing fund. The first resort in Sipaliwini to be visited is Kabalebo. Marowijne and Brokopondo will soon follow.

Head of Agri Business & Institutional Relations at Trustbank Amanah, Clarence Tokromo, explains.

For native communities, barriers to NOFA eligibility are being lifted. As a result, Kabalebo entrepreneurs no longer face a hurdle when applying for a loan from the fund. There is no necessity for mortgage coverage in this region. The entrepreneurs were receptive to the presentation in the district commissioner’s office and were informed that with a strong project plan, they are qualified for a loan from NOFA. The bank representative’s presence was eagerly taken advantage of to learn more in a relaxed setting. Tokromo will assist locals with their bank account application at the commissariat today.







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