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“Justice in Suriname is currently greatly influenced by politics,” says Panka

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Ricardo Panka, a spokesman for the NDP, asserts that politics currently have a significant role in Suriname’s judicial system. Because of this, the purple party does not think that the many criminal cases against party leaders Desi Bouterse, Ashwin Adhin, Gillmore Hoefdraad, Ginmardo Kromosoeto, and Robert van Trikt would result in fair verdicts.

No need to disguise that. Even if we witness and hear what occurs, we rarely talk about it. To ensure that the Surinamese legal system operates in a fair and impartial manner, three powers must maintain a balance with one another. In order to avoid politically persecuting Surinamese residents, Panka urged the institutions acting on behalf of the National Democratic Party to implement policies consistent with their mandates. Panka made this point in an interview with Culturu TV.

He continues by saying that Hoefdraad’s case and the appeal case in the criminal trial from December 8—where his party chairman Bouterse faces up to 20 years in prison—are excellent examples of political prosecutions. For instance, an attempt was made to use Interpol to locate and catch the fugitive Hoefdraad abroad. “They then collapsed to their faces. According to Panka, Interpol has made it quite clear that it opposes political persecution of civilians.

Panka also expresses displeasure with the Public Prosecution Service’s infrastructure for prosecution. Everyone has observed how some individuals have been prosecuted while others have had the opportunity to leave the country, said the party spokesman.

You are aware that the vice president also stated that his younger brother’s passport was being kept, but another’s has now been freed and he is no longer in the country (problem, as edited by Paul de Haan and Prenobe Bissesseur at SLM). As a result, it cooks inside. They cling to each other, of course, but eventually people will realize that what doesn’t belong together won’t stay together, he predicts.

Panka is now aware of another phenomenon: how critics get disinterested. “The oppression is when you say something and people don’t like it, then the police invite you and you won’t be able to see the sun for a while. People will not listen to your statements, whether they are right or wrong. Let’s use proper terminology, the NDP spokesman stated.








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