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JusPol seeks to integrate traffic education into the classroom

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The traffic education committee has been established by Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi. For some years now, the Road Safety Institute has been researching the potential to include traffic education as a required subject in the curricula. After extensive consultation with professionals, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC), and her staff, approval was given to form a committee to assemble the traffic education lesson plans and to explore the prospects for implementing traffic education inside the Education. The committee’s tenure is eight months.

The committee is required to provide the ministers with comprehensive advise about the inclusion of traffic education as a regular subject in primary and secondary school. The group will create traffic education lesson plans for elementary schools and secondary level traffic education modules (VOJ and VOS). The committee is also considering how to incorporate the topic of traffic instruction into the school curriculum. It is looked at how traffic education will be checked and whether it may be connected to the theory of driving schools. According to JusPol, the group would provide teachers with traffic education training.

The Surinamese Traffic Volunteers Corps (KSV), the Traffic Safety Institute (VVI), the Surinamese Police Force (KPS), JUSPOL, minOWC, and Public Works are all represented on the committee (OW). The committee’s members are:

P. Landveld, on behalf of the VVI as chairman; D. Wijntuin, on behalf of JUSPOL, as member; C. Paitoe, on behalf of KPS as a member;

M. Dinmohamed, on behalf of KPS, as member; J. Mijnals, on behalf of minOWC, as member; R. Uiterloo, on behalf of minOWC, as member;

H. Gezius, on behalf of KSV, as a member; B. Blinker, on behalf of OW, as member; D. Kruydenhof, on behalf of VVI, as a member and also secretary.




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