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Jogi wants a viable approach to the rat problem in Nickerie

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Over the weekend, Assembly man Mahinder Jogi (VHP) concentrated on the rice fields in Nickerie. “The rat infestation is a severe problem. Incorrect treatment of the rats may result in health issues, “The people’s representative adds. There are dead rats all over, he observes. Plant life is impacted. The poison might be absorbed into the paddy grains with all the implications that entails if the proper methods and dosage are not followed in the control.

Farmers should receive accurate information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (LVV). On Sunday, Minister Parmanand Sewdien visited Nickerie. He was able to demonstrate that this is a significant issue. As a first step, it was agreed to apply an eco-friendly pesticide to combat the rat infestation. To manage the rats, a substance called Rodenticide will need to be applied in a specific quantity to the dams of agricultural areas.

Jogi believes that LVV should ideally give the product to the farmers and fully advise them of how to use it. Under the direction of professionals, this procedure should also be performed. Verify that the right insecticide is being applied. In addition to other animals, cows also eat the adapted plants and paddy. Negative effects must be avoided.

The MP acknowledges that a crisis is present. Due to the impacted plants, some farmers no longer harvest the paddy. They can therefore choose not to attack the rats in their locations. According to Jogi, a focused strategy is required to put an end to the rat pandemic. The rats have been able to multiply greatly because it has rained a lot recently. The Assembly Member believes that it is crucial to approach the issue in a focused and thorough manner.





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