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Jogi: VHP wants to initially talk about core land rights problems

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“The VHP is not opposed to establishing land rights in law; however, things must be properly organized. Mahinder Jogi (VHP), an assembly member, tells the media that several fundamental issues with the draft law need to be explored in more detail. The discussion on communal land rights was unable to take place on Thursday because the coalition faction, with the exception of two Assembly members, did not sign the attendance list.

A new meeting for Tuesday has been called by assembly chairman Marinus Bee. He pointed out that in order to ascertain whether the draft bill has support, political consultation is required. The coalition led by President Chan Santokhi is consulting today. The challenging issues will then be covered.

Jogi doesn’t want to delve too far into this subject. We shall have internal discussions about this delicate topic. The Assembly Member claimed that there was no use making an assumption that would lead to issues in real life. He asserts that the nation is one and indivisible in whatever scenario. The Constitution also contains provisions governing these issues. He asserts that it is essential to get to a consensus because of this.

Jogi observes that a number of nations have attempted to advance Indigenous people’s land rights for decades without success. He believes that certain issues need to be properly resolved so that the law can be passed.





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