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Jogi draws attention to the Covid situation

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On Thursday evening during a meeting, Assembly member Mahinder Jogi (VHP) becomes aware of Covid situation in the National Assembly. This dangerous lung disease seems to be paving his way back. Jogi said that there are hospital admissions that have been reported.

He wants to know the state of affair from the government. He asked the government to urgently release resources to tackle Covid. The facilities since then have been dismantled and everything has to be reassembled in order to prevent another big wave from arising later. The people must be alerted and protected.

Assembly member Ebu Jones noted that there was no blood at the Mungra Medical Center for a patient in urgent need of it. The hospital in Nickerie has to pay the Blood Bank. As for Covid care, he noted that health workers have still not been paid for services rendered. So how will they be called upon again when the government has not fulfilled its obligations.






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