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Verkeersveiligheidsmaand afgesloten met fietstocht

Joanne Adraai, directeur van het Verkeersveiligheidsinstituut (VVI), heeft onlangs de elfde editie van de 1515 Verkeersveiligheidsmaand afgerond. Als afsluiting koos men voor een fietstocht met divers...

President Chandrikapersad Santokhi is urged by Mahinder Jogi (VHP) to stick with the crisis-resolution strategy. Jogi recently remarked that the president is working hard during general political reflections in the National Assembly. Jogi claims that the help of society is “desperately needed.” Jogi said that they rely on the president and his team to help this nation out of the crisis, and that they trust him. If President Santokhi and his team are unable to save this nation from its problems, then they can fold up the tent because no one can. Jogi wants to tell the president to keep going.

Jogi asserts that there is a reason for everything that occurs right now. He highlighted the state of affairs in 2020, just before the present administration assumed office. He said that the illegal market already had a high exchange rate of around SRD 22 at that time. “Despite its financial difficulties, the government has made many accommodations for its citizens. President, thank you for yours. Jogi remarked, “Thank you for making the effort.’’

He thinks it makes sense that the government must enact policies that are occasionally uncomfortable but necessary to rescue the nation from the catastrophe. Several lawmakers emphasized that although it is obvious that specific steps must be done, working with the IMF was not intended.

Jogi disagreed, stating that “there is nothing wrong” with the government negotiating with creditors to defer repayment of borrowed funds until more favorable circumstances arise. to increase. He claims that the outcomes are “a plus for society.” Jogi asserts that the president has openly acknowledged the need for steps to be taken, but also acknowledged their discomfort.

Jogi believes that poverty needs to be addressed. Help must be given to the society that is impacted by the socioeconomic circumstances. “If we are Surinamese and honest, then we must acknowledge that serious errors have been made recently and assist the administration in making corrections.”






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