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Jogi asks the president to take action on the paddy price

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Mahinder Jogi, a VHP assembly member, has requested President Chan Santokhi to speak with rice growers and husking millers. A deal has been reached between the Association of Rice Exporters and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries to purchase a bale of 79 kg wet paddy for SRD 800. However, in reality, SRD 650 is provided.

Jogi insists that a solution must be found quickly. The barns are full, and the rice farmers must get the land ready for the following season’s sowing. The president is the final avenue and the final point of contact. The president has been instructed by him not to let down the farmers. People work very hard in this sun and are now suffering losses, the representative emphasizes.

The government must support the sector by compensating for the loss incurred during the purchase of rice by the exporters. SRD 800 per bale is not attractive to farmers, but SRD 650 and SRD 675 for a bale of paddy is loss-making. This is the country’s national food and an export product. Jogi believes it is necessary for the president to make a personal effort to resolve this issue.




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