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It’s important to protect the culture of Hollandse Kamp

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“It will be up to the young people of Hollandse Kamp, an indigenous settlement in the Para district, to preserve and spread their culture. In this situation, the young, the people of tomorrow, must be involved in the preservation of the culture.” During the cultural inauguration of Hollandse Kamp’s new village board on December 10, 2022, Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk made this decision.

On this special occasion, VP Brunswijk emphasized the significance of the new board and the youth working together. In his remarks, he also asked the new board to work together with the locals to bring development to the hamlet. The minister pointed out that the elections had already happened and the outcome had buried the hatchet. He is a reliable resource for the village council.

The village’s new commander, Sergio Jubithana, is appreciative of VP Brunswijk’s presence. His strategy also prioritizes cultural preservation and youth participation.




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