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It is getting harder to control Marowijne, Brokopondo, and Sipaliwini

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In the upcoming days, control in the neighborhoods of Marowijne, Brokopondo, and Sipaliwini will be tightened. Today, the National Army (NL) and Suriname Police Force launched the second iteration of Operation Marbonsu (KPS).

This annual operation should send a clear message to criminals and unauthorized immigrants that the Surinamese government is in constant control of its land.

Major Elvis Leetz, the operations commander, urged the troops to lead by example, act diplomatically even in difficult situations, and uphold the NL’s purpose from the outset. The exercise also aims to improve the army’s operational readiness.

The NL’s goal is to safeguard Suriname. Increasing security can deter criminal activity, safeguard natural resources, and enable manufacturing firms to operate in peace.





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