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India provides OW with a donation of $250,000

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India provides the Ministry of Public Works (OW) with a donation of $250,000 for the Water Management Service and Meteorological Service in Suriname. The ministry presented a project proposal.

It relates to the initiative Improve Early Warning Service Delivery to Communities of Suriname to increase their capacity to withstand flooding brought on by excessive rainfall. Details concerning the project and its execution were discussed at an OW technical coordination conference.

In particular when it comes to severe weather and predicted floods, OW can more quickly and effectively deliver timely information to stakeholders and the general public. The right measures can be taken if this information is made available to society in a timely manner.

The project’s implementation partner has been decided upon as being the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). An early flood warning system will be installed by OW. In addition to the current automatic and manual measuring stations located all throughout the country, additional ones will also be set up inside, according to OW.

The capacity strengthening component of this project, in which the staff of the Meteorological and Hydraulics Departments will be taught in the usage of the software program ArcGIS, is one of its key features.






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