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Increasing timber industry earnings without degrading the nation’s standing

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The forest of Suriname is a unique resource. If used sustainably, this resource will not run out, unlike other natural resources like oil, gas, gold, and bauxite. Tuesday’s Planning and Transformation Timber Sector workshop was opened by President Chan Santokhi, who stressed the significance of coming up with a business plan that creates income without jeopardizing the nation’s reputation as a carbon-negative one.

“The world views Suriname as a country with high forest cover and low deforestation. We must maintain that. Santokhi claims that Suriname will gradually stop exporting round wood.He also thinks the regional timber business has to grow. According to the Communication Service Suriname, the LBO schools’ study options in forestry and woodworking hold a significant role in this.

Experts from the business sector and several ministries, including Finance and Planning and Public Works, Land Policy and Forest Management, and Spatial Planning and the Environment, will present at the session. The first day’s discussions focused on the subject of land rights, wildlife and forestry, forestry sector revenue, and difficulties with exporting wood. The workshop emphasizes earning money from non-wood products like oils and nature tourism in addition to logging.






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