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Increased production of crushed stone has the President happy

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“NV Grassalco works to increase capacity for crushed stone production, which is essential for the growth of a country, the building of roads and other infrastructure, and the construction of housing.” President Chandrikapersad Santokhi’s words, who had the distinction of launching the Worsteling Jacobs stone-crushing operation in Para district on Saturday. The achievement of this milestone made the head of state happy, but much more so was the fact that the state-owned mining firm NV Grassalco is an example of a successful public-private cooperation, bringing together key elements for successful entrepreneurship.

The Head of State points out that the collaboration between NV Grassalco and the Chinese firm Judefu Mining brings together particular knowledge and abilities to increase the effectiveness of crushed stone production and sales. President Santokhi, who has voiced his complete faith in the organization, explained, “In other words, at ever lower costs and better margins.” He said that the expanded capacity for manufacturing should also lead to an increase in export revenue, employment, and a contribution to the state treasury. As a shareholder, the state has faith that NV Grassalco will acquire the capability and know-how necessary to long-term supply Suriname with affordable and ample crushed stone.

The new crushing facility will provide a range of crushed stone products for both the domestic market and export. Wesley Rozenhout, president of NV Grassalco, claims that the factory has a daily capacity of about 5,000 tons of crushed stone. He claims that pulling the state-owned mining corporation out of a severe slump was not an easy task. We were able to keep the company functioning and allow it to expand thanks to the efforts of all performers and the trust that was placed in him. In the upcoming years, director Rozenhout believes that the partnership between NV Grassalco and Judefu Mining needs to be strengthened, deepened, and made more sustainable. The crushed stone businesses at Royal Hill and Maripaston are also producing more than expected. “This will help build the country further,” said the company official, adding that NV Grassalco is working through partnerships to continue its success.





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