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In Rijsdijk and Stoelmanseiland, BvB reopened

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The Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB) is catching up in order to improve customer service while simultaneously advancing the decentralization of services. The 44th and 45th Civil Affairs Bureaus (BvB) have opened in the Sipaliwini and Para district, where the local populace can go for all services.

On Thursday, Interior Minister Bronto Somohardjo and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk reopened the BvB in Sipaliwini, Stoelmanseiland. According to Somohardjo, there have been multiple attempts to open a BvB in Stoelmanseiland. The BvB was shut down for a second time after two months right before the 2015 election. The minister said during a portion of his address in Aucan that the BvB would be open indefinitely this time, not just for two months or two years. The government is prepared to assist the populace.

The BvB office at “Stoelie” has been reopened, and Brunswijk is happy to see it. The fact that they can now do all of their CBB business in Stoelmanseiland at no additional cost is a gift for the people, especially during these trying times.

The BvB van Para opened on Wednesday and is situated in Rijsdijk on the Agootoe Mainstraat. The term “w’o kenk a tori” was highlighted in this sentence by CBB director Kanapé-Pokie. She guarantees that this will apply to all districts. Nasier Eskak, the director of the interior, was happy to see that the government kept its promise to provide services to the community in both Para and Sipaliwini. The previous time a new BvB office opened was fourteen years ago.





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