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In Brokopondo, declarations of readiness were made for the first time

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24 arbeidsinspekteurs geslaagd van de opleiding

De vierentwintig aspirant arbeidsinspecteurs die hebben deelgenomen aan de negen maanden durende opleiding tot junior-arbeidsinspecteur, hebben de opleiding met succes afgerond. Op vrijdag 02 juni 202...

In the district of Brokopondo, more than 700 declarations of preparedness have been made. Land papers haven’t previously been issued in Brokopondo, according to District Commissioner (DC) Ludwig Mendelzoon. He describes the March 24 presentation as a happy occasion.

Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk, who presented the prize alongside Minister Dinotha Vorswijk of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB), said he was happy to be standing there as VP and even more so as a bush negro man who supports development as a Dutch resident. He urged the locals to take the initiative in the development of their community rather than waiting for government action.

According to the GBB minister, the VP’s advice was obtained in order to address the citizens of the district’s request for security and assistance. An effort has been made to catch up on the backlog with this endeavor. The minister instructed the inhabitants on the protocol to be followed in her speech.




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