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Immediately address airport security at Zorg en Hoop

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Several of the suggestions made by the presidential Working Group on Airport Security Zorg en Hoop must be implemented right away. The commissioner gave President Chan Santokhi a report on its operations since being put in place on Wednesday. The task of conducting a fast assessment of the security at airport Zorg en Hoop and making recommendations in this regard was given to the presidential working group when it was established in May 2022.

The working group was established in accordance with a presidential resolution from April 1, 2022, according to committee chair Rajinderkoemar Panchoe, to take into account the security situation and all linked actors at Zorg en Hoop airport. According to the Suriname Communication Service, the bottlenecks had to be located and suggestions for change had to be made in order for the issues to be dealt with at the policy level.

A number of issues call for quick attention, including those related to the aviation industry’s safety. Additionally, there are other things that can be done later. Panchoe emphasizes, “When it comes to safety, these are things that need to be improved in a very quick time.” He observes that Zorg en Hoop airport hasn’t received long-term maintenance in a correct manner. “It has to get a little more attention,” I said.

The committee chairman mentions a number of actors who are cohesive and need to be dealt with. This pertains to both the arrivals area and the runway. Panchoe says, “In general, a lot of things need to be addressed. He continues by saying that in addition to guidance from local specialists, the committee also sought input from experts abroad.

President Santokhi is certain that he has been given a thorough report. He thanked the working group for their help. When it comes to carrying out the advice, the experts will be contacted once more if needed.






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