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“I’m not eager to become president of Suriname,” said Brunswijk

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Ronnie Brunswijk, vice president and chair of the ABOP, is unconcerned about the coalition partner VHP’s bill that, if passed, might guarantee that he is not elected president of Suriname in 2025. He claimed that only God has the authority to determine who can or cannot hold the office of head of state.

The choice of the next president is made by God. I’m not in a rush to become president.

It has been observed that this Brunswijk is capable of seizing control of everything, the vice president stated on Wednesday before the Council of Ministers (RvM) meeting.

According to the second man in the country, there are people in Suriname who know that they cannot fight with Brunswijk, so they just join him.

“I’m not afraid of anything. No one can exclude me from participating. Now I am president, because I am the acting president. So what could stop me from running for president tomorrow? So they are late, because they should have started this a long time ago,” said the politician.

Brunswijk completely disapproves that the VHP is looking for something to hinder him. “And that is not good, because no one can determine that for the people. If the people decide that, then no hard feelings. I also didn’t have enough seats to become VP, but a miracle just happened. Because with 8 seats you don’t become a vp either. So even if you have a thousand seats and you can’t become president, you’re not going to be. God decides,” said the ABOP CEO.







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