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If the challenge is valid, the 8 December case must be appealed anew

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The appeal in the December 8 case will have to be refiled if Colonel Dennis Kamperveen’s challenge is upheld by the Council Chamber of the Court of Justice. Irvin Kanhai, the attorney for the five accused, challenged the judge on Friday because his clients didn’t think he was being impartial. Kanhai said that judge Dennis Kamperveen and André Kamperveen, both of whom were assassinated on December 8, 1982, are related. They both share a common grandfather.

Kanhai testified at the court that André Kamperveen only inquired about his whereabouts at the local orientation in Fort Zeelandia when he was required to sign a statement. Other victims wouldn’t pique his curiosity. The attorney claims that a subsequent examination into the Kamperveens’ familial ties was done. Journalists were informed by Kanhai that the law permits bringing up an incident at any time during the course of the process. Because his clients have begun to question the judge’s objectivity, he has used this.

When the meeting was resumed after a more than hour-long break, Dinesh Sewrattan, the acting president of the council chamber, outlined the procedure. The challenge will be judged by a fresh council chamber. There won’t be a seat for Kamperveen. The hearing will be postponed till later. The judge stated that a ruling on the challenge would be rendered in the not too distant future.

Because a new member needs to be chosen for the new chamber that will decide the challenge, Sewrattan will inform the President of the Court of Justice of the circumstance. The appeal case must be put on hold for a while. Yesterday, more questions were anticipated to be asked of the accused. According to a medical statement that Desi Bouterse, the primary suspect, must spend six days in isolation. Chemotherapy leaves Benny Brondenstein mute and unable to talk. Despite the presence of Iwan Dijksteel, Ernst Geffery, and Stephanus Dendoe, the military judge’s objection prevented a substantial hearing.






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