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How can we put the genie back in the bottle?

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How can there be light in the tunnel and the genie returned to the bottle? That is the question that the entire nation of Suriname should be asking right now in light of the disorderly behavior that took place last Friday near Freedom Square. Without a doubt, something went wrong. The key question, according to the Social Democratic Union (SDU), led by Celsius Waterberg, is “why did it happen this way?”

The out-of-control manifestation of discontent is caused by a variety of reasons. Some are obvious, while others we can only speculate on. The truth is that a mob of bottled-up resentments had assembled that day in the square. A mile away, one could sense the rage. Water had a noticeable cloudiness. We cannot, however, conceal the protest’s root reason, which is the rising poverty rate among sizable segments of the population. SDU is attempting to demonstrate that the common excesses within the context of the protest action are a reflection of something more significant.

SDU regrets that the administration won’t reverse direction. The population is aware that policymakers are escalating the cost of living and making life intolerable through false claims. How is it conceivable that the government-owned business GOw2 is a component of the social decline? Regrettably, criminal figures have also dared to act. The party strongly condemns such actions and offers its condolences to those who have been hurt by them. It also disapproves of them.

According to SDU, the political and administrative chaos that currently exists in Suriname is the reason it had to come to this. The nation appears to be in a bind. The tunnel’s lighting is no longer present. It allows “lone wolves” to prey on victims in the shadows. The risk is there. Not with a raging mob that is attempting to maintain peace despite all the chaos. Because it may happen, what occurred. SDU is of the opinion that the people should make the decision. The party is in favor of the populace.





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