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Housing scheme in Brokopondo

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The launching of the LISP 3 Project took place yesterday in district Brokopondo. This project has received permission for the construction, renovation and expansion of homes for the low-income and middle classes. And it is solely funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB).

District Commissioner (DC) of Brokopondo, Ludwig Mendelzoon, considers it an honor that this project has started in his district. He is happy that this project came in just in time because some people have lost their homes due to the flooding earlier this year. Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo), pointed out that people can register directly in order to be eligible for the subsidy. This applies to people who want to build, renovate and others who have lost their possessions due to flooding.

Minister Ramsaran stated that this is a national project and 40 percent of the homes that will be built will be allocated to single women. Nationally, 3775 houses will be built.

Those in need can register through the various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to be eligible for funding. It will be announced by the Ministry Sozavo when the registration will commence.

The recipients of the 1400 houses out of 3775 that will be built are for the districts Marowijne, Sipaliwini and Brokopondo. The remainder will be divided among the other districts.

For renovation and expansion, the needy can receive up to US$4000, while the needy can receive US$8000 for new construction. Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk argued that this is not a political project of any political party.

VP emphasized that people who have registered and meet the requirements must be eligible. According to him, there can be no question of favoritism, because the matters have been clearly worked out. Vp Brunswijk called on citizens to follow the advice they will receive, so that their affairs can be fixed promptly.










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