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Hospital unions want personnel to have an SRD 3,000 purchasing power

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Het onderdirectoraat Onderzoek en Innovatie  Ministerie van het ministerie van Openbare Werken (OW) heeft op woensdag 22 maart in samenwerking met het Ministerie van Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieu (RO...

Union chairman Imro Edam of’s Lands Hospitaal stated, “The various unions are currently holding talks and the Ministry of Health has already been informed of this wish by writing.” He claims the unions wrote a letter to the ministry at the end of February, but they have still not heard back.

The unions regularly consult with one another, and on March 25, a congress will be held to which all union members will be invited. The seminar will cover a variety of topics, including how to increase purchasing power and what to do if the ministry doesn’t act.

The RGD staff union issued a statement urging members to keep themselves free on March 25. “At least 500 RGD staff are expected there. You’re here for your own benefit. It will be forgotten if we are unable to mobilize the required number of individuals. If so, you shouldn’t ask the board to explain it, the statement advises. The statement also states that the unions are asking for a net sum of SRD 3,000 to increase the staff’s purchasing power. This sum of money must then be added to the staff’s compensation.




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