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Hoefdraad’s ‘subpoena’ surprised Counsel Dubois

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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports in a press release that Dubois client has been summoned for the hearing of his appeal case on February 20. Former minister Gillmore Hoefdraad’s attorney, Murwin Dubois, finds this odd. He responds to inquiries from the media by saying that Hoefdraad has appealed the judge’s decision, not the Public Prosecution Service. The Public Prosecution Service’s summons merely serves the purpose of summoning. There are no fees.

The summons was issued by the Public Prosecution Service on January 16, 2023. Hoefdraad was given a sentence by the Court of Justice on December 17, 2021, for involvement in a criminal organization, breaking the Anti-Corruption Act, and embezzlement. According to the Attorney General’s request, he was given a sentence of 12 years in prison and a fine of SRD 500,000.

According to Dubois, his client Hoefdraad is not needed to be present for the case itself. This is a challenge to the judgment. Dubois points out that his client must also obtain a copy of the Court of Justice’s ruling, which is sent to the Public Prosecution Service along with the treatment date.

Hoefdraad, who has disappeared, disagrees with the judgment. Consequently, he filed an appeal. The legal system locates Hoefdraad.

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