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Hanna’s Lust Playground was cleaned by the Mofina movement

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The Mofina movement has cleaned the playground at Hanna’s Lust. This initiative was started in order to provide long-term assistance through a planned and methodical manner and to make sure that aid actually gets to the places where it is most needed.

Children and locals assisted in scrubbing down the playground. It is planned to additionally restore the equipment so that it can soon be given to the neighborhood kids for a little entertainment.

President Chan Santokhi installed the Mofina movement last week. President Santokhi is happy with the movement and will keep supporting everyone in Suriname.

The working committee, headed by Franklin Todie, is prepared to work on the neighborhood projects and modify them as needed to satisfy societal demands.

The committee’s top priorities include finding out where the team can meet the folks in Ashiana and buying wheelchairs for elderly persons who are bedridden in Domburg. We’ll also work to fix broken playground equipment and overgrown playgrounds in local communities.

The team also has a ton of projects available, particularly for recent graduates who have a hard time finding employment. By creating a logo and making the group visible on social media, work will soon be done to increase awareness of the organization.









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