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Grachelle Sluisdom was sworn in

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The National Assembly (DNA) has been fully restored. Grachelle Sluisdom, the 11th candidate on the VHP list in Paramaribo for the 2020 elections, has just taken the oath of office and been admitted to the DNA. Sham Binda is replaced by Sluisdom, who passed away in February 2023. Professor Ryan Nannan ought to have moved up to position 10 on the list, but he hasn’t agreed.

Even though parliamentary debates can turn contentious, DNA Chairman Marinus Bee told Sluisdom that respect for one another is valued highly. “It will be difficult to fill member Binda’s position, but everyone has made their debut at some point. Experienced DNA members have an implicit obligation to show you around.

No inquiry is foolish. You risk remaining ignorant your entire life if you don’t ask inquiries.

Asiskumar Gajadien, the leader of the VHP party, first encountered Sluisdom at a VHP event in Blauwgrond. The question “Who is this lovely lady?” immediately into my head. She did a great job of standing out for her community’s interests. Sluisdom is an outcome of the Orange Movement, according to Gajadien. Every Surinamese has a position in the VHP, as you can see. Sluisdom has been admitted to the VHP fraction, bringing her up to the required 30% of women in politics.

Sluisdom was congratulated on behalf of the NDP party by Melvin Bouva, who stated he had known her for a very long time. The NDP helped to shape it politically and ideologically. “Bouva said that sometimes we part ways politically, but at some point we meet again. In the elections of May 25, 2020, she wished me luck. Now I wish her success, especially as a voice for women and young people.






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