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Government will subsidize seven services and goods

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The government has decided to boost purchasing power for vulnerable households through the implementation of the social program for which SRD 1.2 billion has been earmarked. It is important to make additional provisions in connection with inflation and the imminent phasing out of subsidies.

To steer all this in the right direction, President Chan Santokhi installed the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) on Saturday. Seven goods and services will be subsidized through the program, namely: fuel, electricity, water, gas, basic food, transport and medicines. The PIU will be tasked with implementing the Social Beneficiary Program (SBP) developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo).

The SBP system is intended for people who already receive benefits or support from Sozavo and other vulnerable groups who do qualify, but are not yet registered with the ministry. The intention is to start the phased implementation of the social program this month. For the implementation of this, use will be made of the MoniKarta system of the Surinamese Postal Savings Bank (SPSB).

The Ministry of Sozavo already has a social safety net consisting of four benefits. This concerns the General Retirement Provision, General Child Benefit, Financial assistance for people with a disability and Financial assistance for weak households. These payouts will continue.






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