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Government refuses to respond to the Attorney General

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Na goedkeuring van de conceptwet 'Collectieve Rechten InheemseĀ  š¯—²š¯—» š¯—§š¯—暯—¶š¯—Æš¯—®š¯—¹š¯—² š¯—©š¯—¼š¯—¹š¯—øš¯—²š¯—»' door De Nationale AssemblĆ©e, zullen voor de implementatie oftewelĀ ondersteuning van die Wet, vier ontwerpwetten gecon...

Whether on purpose or accidentally, the administration yesterday in the National Assembly (DNA) avoided responding to the question of why an attorney generalĀ  has still not been nominated. This administration has been in charge for three years. Garcia Paragsingh has been serving as interim pg since April 13, 2021. In accordance with tradition, the president has consulted the Court of Justice for guidance over the selection of Paragsingh as attorney general. “The Court has a favorable opinion. Mahinder Jogi of DNA questioned the administration, “Why isn’t the attorney general appointed then?

Yesterday the government should answer this question, but it did not even mention this point. After Jogi pointed out to the government that this question has not been answered, the government coordinator Krishna Mathoera informed the parliament that the answer will be given in writing. President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk were not present for the answers to DNA Question Time.

Last week, Vice President Brunswijk indicated that he does not know why no attorney general has been appointed yet. According to him, the government is responsible for appointing the attorney generalĀ  and not his political party Abop. He could tell, however, that the acting pg is close to her retirement age. It is a public secret that the Abop is obstructing the appointment of Paragsingh as attorney general.




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