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Government is ignorant of historical apologies for slavery

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Op dinsdag 09 april jongstleden, heeft de Buitengewoon- en Gevolmachtigde Ambassadeur van de Republiek Suriname in Accra, Ghana, Fidelia Graand-Galon, haar geloofsbrieven overhandigd aan de president ...

In the National Assembly yesterday, the administration declared that it was not properly informed of the Netherlands’ planned apology on December 19, 2022. According to media reports, Dutch Minister of Legal Protection Franc Weerwind may apologize to Suriname for its history of slavery on his visit there. From December 15 to 20, the minister will be visiting the Ministry of Justice and the Police on business.

The Netherlands’ unilateral action has drawn a lot of criticism, especially from the apologized-for relatives of those who were held as slaves during that time. Many DNA members have asked the government questions. Weerwind will visit Suriname, according to Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi. The outcome of Amoksi’s earlier visit to his Dutch colleague is this. Amoksi highlighted that although a work schedule has been established, it does not call for an apology on December 19 about the history of slavery. Nothing regarding the December 19th apology has been reported, according to Amoksi.

The administration has informed Minister Silvano Tjong-Ahin that the press has also been made aware of everything pertaining to the 19 December apologies. The government, according to Tjong-Ahin, is not ignoring the signs. “The government will adopt a stance. As much as possible, the council will be involved in assuming the post and the community, the minister stated. Yesterday, he served as the government’s point man in the National Assembly.

The question of whether the apologies would occur on December 19, 2022, or July 1, 2023, was posed by Soewarto Moestadja (NDP). The NDP’s party leader, Rabin Parmessar, concurred with Amoksi’s assertion, but he claimed it did not escape him that Weatherwind was coming to formally repent for slavery’s past. Parmessar was curious as to the government’s stance on the matter. Has it received approval? In what way is the government handling this. You are aware of how delicate the situation is with the Surinamese parties; have they been consulted? The government is concerned about this. Parmessar stated, “We want the government’s opinion on this.

Melvin Bouva (NDP) brought up the approaching date of December 19 and inquired about the government’s stance on the apology that will be extended in Suriname. Bouva thinks the manner in which this was announced was unacceptable. As a descendant of the enslaved, Patricia Etnel (NPS) stated that she and many others are opposed to the apology that will be given in Suriname on December 19. Etnel informed Amoksi, “We descendants will not tolerate it and you as a descendent should not accept that also.”







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